Are you ready to take flight? Then you have come to the right place.

Founded more than 50 years ago, MCK is one of the most historic flying clubs in the country and more than 1000 pilots have started their flying career with us. Our home base is located at the “Kärnten Airport” (LOWK) at the Wörthersee lake in the heart of Austria, Europe.

No matter if you are interested in a short introduction flight, have set your sights on a private pilot license (PPL) or are ready to take on instrument flying (IR) – we’ll be in the cockpit with you!

Members can choose from a range of well-maintained and modern aircraft, and our pilots have travelled the quite literally travelled the world: Make sure you ask them about some of their trips to the North Cape, Finland, Greece, Spain, Sweden and the United States. Every year, or club members account for more than 1500 flight hours. 

So what’s next? First and foremost, we’ll teach you all we know about flying. More importantly, we’ll introduce you to a life-long passion for being up in the air. Contact us!

    Flight School DTO (Declared Training Organisation)
    Christian Mattuschka
    +43 664 402 9920

    General Information & Requests
    Stefan Jaeger

    Always happy landings!